Friday, September 5, 2008

Sardine Can On The RailRoad

To the Malaysian readers, im sure you know whats the picture about. Lets face it, our train service sucks + Malaysian attitude that will never change = "help me, I cant breath"

To those who are wondering what are the characters are saying its
MASUK LA! = move in so i can squeeze myself in!
SEMPIT LA BODOH! = Its already full you idiot!


Kein said...

MmmHmm... That about sums it up on how our public transportation is. Well this is nothing compared to Japan but then, at least their train is punctual. How the rich, famous and powerful seem to get away from all this conundrum by getting themselves chauffeured around with police escort; no wonder our system still has problems.

Azi Azhani said...

Hmmm... we don't have LRT here in JB, so i can't comment on that. I can however comment on the...SARDINES!

Have u opened a can of sardines lately?! Usually u have to "fish" (haha) one out 1st before the rest could come out, but lately they just SLIDE RIGHT OUT! What la?! Maybe we should say "packed like Malaysians in the LRT" instead of "packed like sardines". :P

bem69 said...

haha cool one, but in Japan its supposed to be worst...