Saturday, October 18, 2008


The Stupid Droid from the movie Star Wars

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Foldees Second Contest

Foldees team has done it again! A new greeting card contest has just started, and im definitely taking part in it. The theme is comical Christmas Card. Im working on a card ryte now. I wont give away my idea just yet, just in case somebody steals it haha!!
The last contest was Nerd Greeting Card. I didnt win, but its ok, ill do my best for this one. Ill upload the last card I made. Anyway, dor those who are interested in this contest, please check out

Stuck in the Rat Race

Ive not been updating my blog lately, its because ive started working. Started working in a bank last week, its an easy job, but its sure hell its boring. Its a 2 month contract job, so I might as well get the extra money to pay for my college and also have a little something for myself. Ill get a 1terabyte hard disk when i get my first pay. Dont have much time to draw too, everytime I come back from the office, its already 8pm and so tired to even on the pc.
Cant complain much about the job, like I said, its easy but its boring.If they give me a fulltime job, i might say no to it, I cant see myself working in a bank forever. I want to be on the creative side, I wanna be an animator, I wanna have my own animation studio.