Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stuck in the Rat Race

Ive not been updating my blog lately, its because ive started working. Started working in a bank last week, its an easy job, but its sure hell its boring. Its a 2 month contract job, so I might as well get the extra money to pay for my college and also have a little something for myself. Ill get a 1terabyte hard disk when i get my first pay. Dont have much time to draw too, everytime I come back from the office, its already 8pm and so tired to even on the pc.
Cant complain much about the job, like I said, its easy but its boring.If they give me a fulltime job, i might say no to it, I cant see myself working in a bank forever. I want to be on the creative side, I wanna be an animator, I wanna have my own animation studio.

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