Saturday, January 31, 2009

"I'll be a criminal" Says My Horoscope.

Happy Chinese New Year!! Yes its the time again where, every single newspaper will show your horoscope done by different feng shui masters. Some believe in it, some don't. I for one dont believe in it as I like to create my own destiny rather than listening to some wannabe Nostradamus.

So I was reading The Sun paper( Malaysia Edition) on friday 23rd Jan when I stumbled upon the article on what the year of the Ox would do for me.

Im born on the year of the fuzzy little Rabbit, and according to the horoscope, my life is gonna be a reck the whole year. Financially bad, health wise bad. The only positive part was that i'll be in a relationship this year...yea, i dunno if its considered good or bad.( good= i get laid 24/7 , bad=have to spent for her..and since its stated that ill have finance problem, im so fucked.)

The best part of all is that this cute little rabbit here(hehe) will be involved in some CRIMINAL ACTIVITY!! WOW! Now I cant wait for that to happen. After reading that part my imagination when wild, maybe I'll rob a bank, maybe I'll kidnapped someone, maybe ill do the one thing I always wanted to do, go on a KILLING SPREE!!!! I couldn't stop my evil smile until my friend had to ruin it by saying, what if its just a parking summon.

Well, if I end up doing some criminal activity this year, im sure as hell gonna start believing in this horoscope crap, but for now, I learned to crawl, i learned to walk, i learned to run, I learned to set my own life, I control myself not you!

As a tribute to the funny article, I decided to do this drawing. Happy Chinese New Year everybody.

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