Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Where No Man Has Gone Before" Foldees Birthday Card Design Contest

Yet they never run out of ideas. Once again Foldees are up to their crazy themed contest and this time the theme is so wickedly cool!! Just submit a "sci-fi" birthday card to them. Sci-fi is just limitless. It can come from our own earth right up to planet Naboo.

Submissions Period: 9th February to 22nd March 2009

Ratings Period: 1st April to 1st May 2009

Announcement of Winners: 5th May 2009
1st prize - US$ 1000
2nd prize - US$ 600
3rd prize - US$ 300
Consolation prize x 2 - US$ 100

If anyone is reading this, what are you waiting for, just join cause its lots of fun!! "except for the critism part..seeshh" but hey, at least you get royalties if someone buys it $$

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