Monday, June 22, 2009

IF - Drifting

Looks like I'm the first to draw Asians favorite past time, car drifting. Well, not all Asians, but in Japan, this race is very popular. In Malaysia, we too have drifters, but nothing compared to the drivers from the land of the rising sun.
I'm more of a comical drawing guy, but for this I wanted to do it inform of digital painting. Well, honestly its much harder than it seems, I would really like some feedback's on how to create the realism for this type of drawings.

Let me know what you think, and areas i can fix by dropping some comments. Appreciate it alot.

and lastly, yes its a Camaro aka Bumblebee..hehe..
autobots lets roll out.

1 comment:

bluelilac said...

I think your creation is strong and you get your message across so well. It has punch and it works perfectly as an illustration to express the IF word 'drifting'.
I like the colors against the black.
The car seems perfect.