Friday, May 7, 2010

Mousehunt art competiton

Behold the fist Pump Trap!!
An fan art for my favorite game on facebook, Mousehunt. The contest was posted on the mousehunt forum by players like myself. Hopefully I do get some sb+ so I can convert to Maki and catch those pesky student mouses....darn u students ( if u have no idea what im talking about, play the game and it will make sense)...


draconian said...


Nice Trap there for physical. A suggestion though, why not change the robot for a gift box of cheese and opening it will trigger the trap, making the trap a tactical type lol. I also have my own article about mousehunt, i hope you could visit it.

Fox said...

Hi Draconian, thanks for visiting my blog..thanks for the idea, did this for fun actually after coming across this forum post:

Oh, really cool website you have there, ive just started levlyn lights after reading it from the site..